Str&HansikaMotwani New Tamil Movie Maha 2022

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The cast of Maha

The movie Maha has been directed by UR Jameel. The popular Tollywood actors who are featured in the movie are HansikaMotwani, Sikanth, Thambi Ramaiah, Karunakaran, Nassar, Jayaprakash, Chaya Singh, Jennifer, and Silambarasan. 

The plot of Maha

The story of the movie Maha is about a mother who is in search of finding a serial killer who murdered her child. The plot of the movie is quite intense and strong.

Maha is one such movie that will create an impact in the mind of the viewers.

What to expect from Maha

Maha is a great family thriller movie that one can watch on Sundays along with the entire family. The storyline of the movie is quite serious, also making it an unforgettable movie for most viewers.

The revenge plot that is seat by the mother for the murder of her child is a strong storyline. The subplot of the movie and the characters played in the movie have left a statement in the mind of the viewers.

The true emotions of a mother are rightfully portrayed in the movie. If you are someone who enjoys watching such movies with a great intense plot and strong tutorial of emotion, then you must surely watch Maha.

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Watch the Crime Thriller Movie.

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